The client approached us with the intention of revamping their existing website with some added functionality.

We developed the new version of the website on top of WordPress and added a booking feature that allows students to book courses on any of the 4 locations (Adelaide, Brisbane, Papau New Guinea and Perth) of the institution and make payments online ahead of the scheduled course dates. Previously, students could only book a course by calling the institution over the phone and making payments in person.

We updated the UI to give the website a more contemporary look while still looking professional by selecting a sober color scheme – white, warmer beige tones and different shades of grey.

The older version of the website looked very cluttered and the important information could easily be missed with the walls of text present on each page. We changed the formatting of the text to ensure that readers can get the information they need with minimal effort – we did this by using uppercase and bold formatting and playing with the sizing.